About Us

Eatablished in 2004, Shanghai Bandu Culture and Arts Co. Ltd (Bandu Music) is committed to produce and promote contemporary Chinese music and authentic Chinese folk music, aiming to fill the blank areas in Chinese music production and in high quality bands. Guided by the philosophy of Art value above market value, Bandu Music is also dedicated to the fertility of music culture an music education in China. In Chinese, "Ban" means half, implying the equilibrium of the world. It's Bandu's intention that its music touches people in a simple and natural way. The name "Bandu", as well as its music, embodies an attitude toward life.

      Address: Floor 1, Block 11, No,50 Moganshan Road, Shanghai, China

      Tel: (021) 62773450 62768267

      Email: bandumusic@126.com

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